In 1963, Rosemary and Alton "Ton" Girouard opened Ton's Drive In in Broussard, Louisiana. Both Still tied to other businesses, Rosemary quit her job at a Lafayette dress shop to run the restaurant. After working long days at a Lafayette hardware store, Alton would join Rosemary at Ton's. In order to ease the growing workload, Alton and Rosemary recruited their children, Karl and Yvette.  Juanita joined the workforce and then became a part of the family when she and Karl were married in 1973.

As Ton's attracted more business, the restaurant expanded to a new location across the street. The new building was equipped with a drive thru window (the first in the area), indoor dining, as well as outdoor seating. The family atmosphere brought in locals, plus frequent traffic from all of Acadiana and surrounding areas. Ton's quickly became a community staple.

A joke between Broussard old-timers is, "If you grew up in Broussard, you have likely worked at Ton's." Many employees have been working at Ton's for 25 years, some even longer.  As long as Ton's is up and running, customers (spanning many generations) will grow with it, introducing others to a Broussard tradition since 1963.